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at UNH

Strengthening policies and practices to address gender imbalance in STEM disciplines.
The ADVANCE PAID program is funded by the National Science Foundations (NSF) (Grant #0930231) August 2009

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ADVANCE Funding Opportunities

UNH's ADVANCE program recently completed the 2013-2014 round of funding for Collaborative Scholarship Advancement Awards and the Karen Von Damm Leadership Development Grants. New awardees to be announced soon.

Collaborative Scholarship Advancement Awards

UNH's ADVANCE Program annually provides several Collaborative Scholarship Advancement Award. The awards are designed to enhance collaboration between research and tenure track faculty in the STEM disciplines.

2012 Collaborative Scholarship Advancement Award Recipients
Rosemarie Came, Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences, and
Tom Lippmann, Research Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
received an award to collaboratively study the link between Milankovitch forcing and changes in the intensity of the Indian monsoon over the past 100,000 years—a geochemical time series approach.
Mary Stampone, Assistant Professor, Geography, and
Cameron Wake, Research Associate Professor, Earth Sciences and EOS
received an award to enhance scholarly collaboration on New England climate change. They will establish a research, teaching, and engagement program on New England climate change.
Jo Sias Daniel, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, and
Paul Kirshen, Research Professor, Civil Engineering and EOS
received an award to study climate change adaptation for coastal roads. They will look at the benefits and costs of various adaptation methods for coastal roads, with an emphasis on the roles of pavement materials and pavement thickness.
Ruth Varner, Research Associate Professor, Earth Sciences and EOS, and
Joel Johnson, Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
received an award to document an in situ sediment source of methane in the Great Bay Estuary, NH: "Assessing the role of estuaries in the global methane cycle." Along with their research collaboration, they will develop a teaching module for training students in field sampling tools and tecniques, sampling protocols, and sample storage.
Past ADVANCE Program Collaborative Scholarship Advancement Recipients...

Karen Von Damm Leadership Development Grants

The Karen Von Damm Leadership Development Grants provide funds to support STEM women faculty in pursuing leadership opportunities. The grant was named to honor the late Dr. Karen Von Damm, UNH professor and internationally renowned leader and chemical oceanographer. One grant was funded in 2010, two grants in 2011, and three in 2012.
2012 Karen Von Damm Leadership Development Grant Recipients
Julia Bryce, Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
This award will allow her to continue the development of her scholarly work while serving as Department Chair in Earth Sciences. Ultimately, this will enhance her leadership role at the university and within the geosciences community.
Jennifer Jacobs, Professor, Civil Engineering
This award will provide support for research and teaching projects while she continues to serve as faculty lead in the next phase of the creation of the School of Earth and Environment School— a leadership opportunity within the university and in Earth and environmental sciences.
Alynna Lyon, Associate Professor, Political Science
The Karen Von Damm Grant will provide support for her teaching while she is completing a book examining "United States Relations with the United Nations in an Era of Globalization." Her research makes bridges between hard science and social sciences. The grant will support both her contribution to her department and her research.

Meet our past Karen Von Damm Leadership Development Grant Recipients...

Plan Ahead

Check back for announcements of 2013-2014 opportunities.
In planning for the next opportunity, consider these examples of successful proposals:
  Professors Ruth Varner (left), Joel Johnson (right), and UNH undergraduate student Samantha Sinclair (middle photo),
sampling sediment in the Great Bay Estuary — a project for which they received a 2012 ADVANCE scholarship award.

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